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Jacqueline Berger – Drilling Engineer & Data scientist (In view – 2023)

As a drilling engineer with so many years and interesting international

experiences, Jacqueline is one who seeks a new adventure in data science.

Her transition into informatics and data science came after her maternity

leave while working at Schlumberger. Trying to fit the experience into her “new”

the world did not come easy and in search for an alternative led her to informatics

and data science.

In her experience of working in the oil and gas sector, a field dominated by men,

she mentioned that while it was a male-dominated field, she never felt suppressed in

a negative way that made her feel she was not enough. She also said that the use of

pieces of machinery meant that many of the muscle works were automated and easier.

About how she got attracted to data science. Jacqueline believes her interest in

data science has the common denominator with her previous job as a drilling engineer, which was the use of data for analysis and description.