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Jyo Shukla – Customer Success Leader and Author

Jyo is also a speaker and she recently spoke at women in tech global

conference where she highlighted the difference between customer-focused

and customer-centric and why organizations should be customer-centric

rather than customer-focused.

Jyo is based in Sydney, Australia. She has worked in tech for

the past ten years of her life and she has been obsessed with

the life. She loves reading (besides the beach while she sips margaritas)

and is an author of a book.

As a customer success manager, Jyo ensures that both her company and

customers are successful. In her role, she seeks to understand why

people purchase technology and how technology helps meet their goals.

Obsession (Being passionate) is a vital key to unlocking the possibilities in

your career. While Jyo was in college, she recognized that coding was not her forte and she did fail at some “coding”.

On graduation, she was scared while on the first job, because no matter how hard she tried, coding did not come easy to her.

As she was on the job she had some honest conversations and had the opportunity

to gradually build her career as the customer leader that she is now.