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The Future of Analytics and Decision Intelligence

By Regina Karson, Principal & WiBD Board Advisor

Event: The Future of Analytics and Decision Intelligence with Berit Hoffmann, Sisu CPO

Time: Thursday, October 28th, 10AM PT

Fireside chat with Berit Hoffmann, Chief Product Officer at Sisu Data, and Regina Karson, US Board Advisor for Women in Big Data (WiBD).

We  explored the downstream business impact of cloud data infrastructure, focusing on how traditional BI and analytics approaches must evolve for organizations to be able to make better data-driven decisions. We also discussed Berit’s career trajectory, including her nontraditional entry into product and how she thinks about getting more women into both data and product leadership roles.

 About Sisu Data

Sisu is a decision intelligence engine that helps businesses understand what’s happening to their key metrics, diagnose why it’s happening, and decide what to do about it. It lets users define the metrics that matter to their business, track those metrics in easy-to-build dashboards, and leverage Sisu’s proprietary ML algorithms to identify statistically significant drivers of metric performance from billions of potential subgroups in the data – all in a matter of seconds.

About Berit Hoffmann

Berit Hoffmann is Chief Product Officer at Sisu. She has a passion for creating intuitive product experiences that solve complex underlying problems, which has led her to join and help scale multiple early-stage enterprise software companies. Prior to joining Sisu, Berit was one of the earliest employees at Bebop, a company that developed a platform for building enterprise applications. Bebop was subsequently acquired by Google. At Google Cloud, Berit launched and led several products aimed at helping businesses recruit and hire talent. She has also worked in enterprise storage at a company called Compellent, which was acquired by Dell. She is an alumna of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and Yale University.

About Regina Karson

Regina Karson currently provides technical marketing services to Fortune 500 companies.  She has held various roles within the Women in Big Data organization for over five years.  Regina has also held business development, sales, and engineering positions for Fortune 50 to startup companies focusing on cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning. She holds degrees

View the video of Berit’s presentation:

See Berit’s presentation slides: The Future of Analytics and Decision Intelligence.


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