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Cindy Adem is a Product Manager at Instil Education and she’s from Nairobi, Kenya.

She started as a lawyer, and even though it was not the top choice of interest for her, she however did claim that she enjoyed having a 360-degree view of any event and preparing for the twists and turns along the way.

Cindy narrates her experience of how she had to “disappoint” her parents, who expected her to be a lawyer to pursue what was in line with her passion.

Although Cindy doesn’t attribute a moment to be her “aha” moment to transition into tech, she remarked that she has always been driven by the need and passion to be impactful.

The way she does the impact has changed over the years, she still retains the same drive of doing things that matter in the world.

She’s currently on a team that is trying to build a virtual learning institution for teachers and students across Africa.