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Liesel Klokkers – Solutions Engineer Manager

Liesel Klokkers who works as presales engineer at Salesforce, Germany is the mother of three children.

Apart from being a woman in tech, she also loves reading and taking walks to observe nature.

She leads a team of 35 presales engineers and she strongly believes in facilitating the development of her team even if it means that they move away, which she calls natural.

She studied computer science and embarked on real-life applications in her with European Space Agency (ESA).

In her career, Liesel has worked with Oracle, a startup, became a freelancer & consultant and then as a first-line manager in Salesforce.

Her recommendations/tip are:

1. Don’t be afraid of something that looks tough from the beginning.

2. Believe yourself and be hardworking.

3. In finding your career, find what you like to do (passion) and find mentors for yourself in those areas of interest.