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Amanda Bertucci – Sales Engineer & Amb. for Presales Collectives

Meet Amanda who has been in the IT world for 20 years and presales for 15 years.

Amanda is married to a Polish and has a 7-year-old child.

As a sales engineer, she enjoys working with people and technology.

In narration on what skill set she finds the most useful and she talked about communication, empathy, and listening skills.

She highlighted that while it is very important to know about the technical intricacies of a product, It is the soft skills that you possess that come first in presales engineering.

As a child, Amanda wanted to grow up to be an astronaut.

Her dad bought her first computer when she was 9 years old.

She went on to attend a technical high school where she did electronics and interned at 17 at a company that taught about IT.

This became her first contact with the IT world and the numerous possibilities and opportunities present in the field.

She also recounted her experience of how she had always wanted to play football with guys, mostly her cousins and brothers. On some occasions, she got injured but was always encouraged by her parents that she could do it.